Ketan Agrawal headshot 2021

About Me

Hi! I'm a recent graduate of Stanford University, where I studied Symbolic Systems (B.S.) and Computer Science (M.S.) During my time at Stanford, I've been involved with several research labs, with a broad focus on human-centered artificial intelligence. I also enjoy creating projects that entertain me. My pet interests include customizing Emacs, digital gardening, and my cats.

For more info, please see my resume.

Research Interests

A common thread through my research is that I'm interested in using artificial intelligence to cooperate with and benefit humanity.

In my work with the Language and Cognition Lab, I applied modern computer vision algorithms to a large, naturalistic dataset of infant headcam footage. This analysis helped shed light on how babies' perceptual scenes change over time, and was accepted as a talk at CogSci 2020. The code and preprint are available.

With the Stanford Partnership in AI-Assisted Care, I have been exploring how we can use multimodal neural networks for automated screening of mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.

Most recently, I have been working in the Stanford HCI Group, building a novel system for human-AI co-creation of artistic content. One offshoot of the project thus far, interactive music generation, can be seen here.